Description of duties of the doctor of the international patient unit: (Mrs. Dr. Rozita Hosseini Shamsabadi)


Visiting the patient in the first hour of hospitalization

Coordinating with the attending physician and taking initial orders

Coordinating with the head of the department and the nursing office to perform preclinical procedures and patient consultations as soon as possible

Daily patient visit

Coordination with the person in charge of the electronic system and the hospital website to prepare the electronic file

Cooperating with the attending physician to prepare a summary of the patient's case and documents in English

Following up on emergency events that may happen to the patient within 24 hours

Providing adequate information to the patient about how to complain


Description of the duties of the nurse in the international patient unit

(Firozeh Hafizi, Arezo Pasrah, Elham Savarkar)


Full coordination with IPD expert

Receiving the patient from the IPD specialist

Providing medical services in coordination with the attending physician

Providing the necessary training to the patient while receiving the relevant services

Completion of documents related to the provision of nursing services in the patient file

Carrying out clearance matters in coordination with the IPD expert

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