Description of the duties of the international patient unit expert: (Miss. Mehla Shafiepour)


Continuous presence in the international patient unit of the hospital

Welcoming international patients upon entering the hospital

Providing necessary information to international patients in the field of hospital services and facilities

Making the necessary arrangements to accept international patients in the hospital

Inform the IPD doctor and the attending physician during the hospitalization of the international patient

Guiding and introducing the international patient to the department where the international patient is hospitalized

Assisting in translating and communicating the international patient with the medical and nursing staff during the hospitalization of the international patient

Carrying out the necessary inter-departmental coordination in the hospital to facilitate and accelerate the provision of services to international patients

Assessing and increasing international patient satisfaction during hospital stay

Carrying out the necessary measures and coordination during the discharge of the international patient

Making the necessary arrangements with reliable facilitation companies

Registration of international patient information in the health tourism system of the Ministry

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