About Clinics :


The area of the subspecialty clinic is about 420 square meters, on the north of the second floor of the Gama knife building, next to the Ali Asghar children's subspecialized educational and treatment center, this floor includes eight separate rooms for examination and doctors' visits, along with a bathroom, and this unit is also equipped with a reception station and It is also a secretarial and filing station for ambulatory files, blood storage, kitchen, home T-shower, and public restroom. The ground floor corridor and courtyard are also intended for waiting patients.

Depending on the doctor's needs, each room has a computer system, sphygmomanometer, height gauge, baby scale, Negatoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, emergency trolley, sets needed by outpatient surgeons and orthopedic equipment such as The saw is for opening plaster.

This center is equipped with an online and Goya queue system to speed up the services to our dear compatriots.

The number of 50 specialist doctors, most of whom have high scientific qualifications, including gastroenterology, kidney, endocrinology, asthma and allergy, skin, neonates, infectious, lung, neurology, psychiatry, surgery, heart, orthopedics, sleep medicine and Ear, nose and throat are present in the clinic on certain days in the mornings and afternoons and the patients are treated. It is worth mentioning that Covid patients are also visited in this clinic following the health protocols and refer to this center for continued treatment.

The permanent staff of this clinic is five people, which includes the manager, cashier, receptionist, archivist, secretary and a joint service between the blood clinic and the specialized clinic.

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